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Monday September 19 at The Theatre Centre:
Geoff Pevere on David Fincher's Zodiac


David Fincher's ZODIAC (2007) is a mesmerizing, fact-based contemporary film noir about the nature and toll of obsession. A vertiginous descent into a bottomless mystery, the movie insinuates its viewers in an experience that only becomes more compelling the further it drifts from resolution. Hollywood's concerted effort to conceal its dark side in recent years nothwithstanding, every once in a while a nightmare like this slips through the cracks. And thank God it does.

GEOFF PEVERE was the Toronto Star's movie critic for ten years and book columnist for nearly three. He is the co-author of the bestselling Mondo Canuck, and the author of Toronto on Film and the forthcoming Goin' Down the Road. He has been writing and broadcasting about movies, media and popular culture for nearly thirty years.