TALKIES is a monthly public event curated by Mark Cauchi and Azed Majeed.  In a casual atmosphere, we screen a film, listen to an informal talk about it by an engaging and informed speaker, and then have an open Q&A and discussion.  

The films range from Hollywood classics, through arthouse and foreign films, to documentaries and recent releases.  Speakers are invited from the worlds of academia, film, the arts, and journalism, and are encouraged to approach the film from their area of expertise but to give non-specialised discussions for a diverse public audience.  This is not film-studies and not a classroom, but a lively and social public intellectual discussion spurred by cinema.

Who are we?
  Mark Cauchi is an academic, with interests in European philosophy and Western intellectual and cultural history.  He is in an instructor in the Department of Humanities at York University.  Azed Majeed is a filmmaker and the proprietor of Basement Arts, a film production company based in Toronto.  Check out Basement's facebook page.

TALKIES is a Basement Arts production.