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“The art in this film is provocative, the artists are persistent,
and the filmmaking is par excellence.”
                     Mark Achbar  (Director, The Corporation)

Montreal artists Annie Roy and Pierre Allard call themselves terrorists, but with a qualifier. Their joint artistic name - ATSA - stands for l’Action Terroriste Socialement Acceptable (Socially Acceptable Terrorist Action). They create spectacular and provocative urban installations, leaving their audience no choice but to participate.  They were recently singled out in the House of Commons by Heritage Minister Moore who tried to gain some political brownie points by promising to cancel their subsidies.

Can art be politically incisive and socially useful without becoming didactic or predictable?  ATSA shows that the answer to that question can be – yes.  Shot over a four-year period by Montreal filmmaker Magnus Isacsson with co-conspirator Simon Bujold, ART IN ACTION is about Annie and Pierre’s art, about their chaotic and conflictual creative process, and about their relationship as a couple. Most of all, it’s about their intense engagement with all aspects of life. 

MAGNUS ISACSSON is a veteran independent filmmaker based in Montreal. Most of his films follow social and political conflicts  over a period of several years. Among his award-winning films are Uranium, Power, Pressure  Point and The Choir Boys (www.socialdoc.net).  Magnus also teaches documentary-making and publishes a blog called Documentary Field Notes and Flash Points (www.socialdoc.net/magnus).

Art in Action.  Produced by Amazone Films.  Distributed by Films du 3 Mars (http://www.f3m.ca/).